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Post by Quake » Sat May 20, 2017 2:11 am

1. Do not intentionally block off large areas of land, including whole islands and areas already claimed.
2. Do not transfer Dinosaurs or Items from Single Player or any other server. This will result in IMMEDIATE BAN.
3. Be respectful to all players. Treat everyone as equals, including admins.
4. Do NOT beg for things. Every person on here has worked for their belongings, you will too. Asking for help is fine, but do not beg.
5. You must be active. If you're inactive long enough for your dinosaurs and buildings to be claimed/demolished -- It is fair game. You cannot complain because you were inactive. It usually takes about 7 days at minimum if you use S+ items.
6. Do not build anywhere near caves. If you're blocking a cave, your buildings will be deleted. If your building has been deleted and is rebuilt, it will be grounds for banning.
7. Anything that {TAG} Clan says is final. The server is ran by an official clan and if you abuse their wishes, you will be served with consequences determined by one of the admins. 8. If you're banned and you feel you did not deserve to be banned, you may appeal the ban on our website.
9. Have fun. Provide comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. Anything that could better the server whatsoever. Even if it's just your personal opinion. Everything will be taken into account. Thank you.


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