Member/Recruit Guidelines

Please fill out an application and post here for consideration to be part of {TAG} The Adult Gungame Clan
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Member/Recruit Guidelines

Post by Quake » Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:10 am

!!! These rules apply to all members of {TAG} and violating the following may result in removal from the group at our discretion. !!!
  • No Direct Violations of Server Rules While Playing
  • Respect ALL Players, Members, Recruits and Admins Alike
  • Absolutely No Dual Clanning
  • No Blatant Insubordination
  • You're an equal to all players. You're may be a member of our community, or are attempting to be a member, but it is important to still remember you're an equal. Admins are as well, just with the power to provide justice to those who treat other as if they are not equal.
    This is important to remember. Do NOT think you're higher or better than other players just because you're a member or an admin. Thank you.

This list is short, however the last thing we want to do is lose any of the people that make this Community great.

If there is any confusion, please feel free to contact myself or a fellow administrator.

Thanks for reading!